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In a team building workshop, I guide employees through energizing and approachable creative writing exercises. The workshop is collaborative and designed to facilitate connection and shared creative output. I've been facilitating group experiences for over a decade—from human-centered design sprints to experiential onboardings to finding consensus within teams through creative experiences. Using writing as the medium for engagement, employees will laugh, bond and hopefully, feel inspired enough to pick up the pen when the team building workshop ends. 


“Fiona’s way of designing experiences and workshops has always inspired play, curiosity, and delight. We worked together for six years as experience designers, and I saw how Fiona encouraged people to be bold and take creative risks. As a writer, artist, and experience designer, Fiona is a master of human connection and storytelling, which translates seamlessly into the world of team building workshops." 

Tanna Krispil, Experience Designer + Artist


Thank you for enquiring; I will be in touch soon.

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